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Bottom Line

I think the Republican-led Congress was correct in trying to save her life. I think the Florida State Legislature and Jeb Bush were right to try. I think the Courts at all levels failed this woman and our society.

I think the cause was correct, but I think all plausible channels have been exhausted. At this point, we must remember that the innocent die at the hands of the selfish and unscrupulous every day, and having the courage to try to stop it is the most important thing.

I think Terri's death will be announced soon. Many in this nation will grieve; others will crow in victory, and reveal their nature by considering a death to be a victory.

It isn't the death itself that matters. Death comes to us all, and any could be struck down any minute. It is what you do with your life that matters, and what you did to try to preserve it and prevent suffering. What I think is the hidden message of Jesus is that the glass of water received is only a glass of water, but the glass of water given in generosity to the needy is the Spirit of Salvation.

Once this is all over, the nation will go on. Neither the the Sanctity of Life or the Culture of Death will gain or lose much ground on this issue, and our judicial and legislative branches will function just as before. Nothing was broken, and extremely little was even bent; and even that nearly imperceptibly, despite all the wailing about the principles each and the other side should hold (as described by a sneering opponent).

It's all written in the Big Book, and there will be an Accounting.