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A "There I Was" Story

There I was, in Circuit City, scoping out the hot Asian chicks buying a universal remote. I saw a girl in the proper modern fashion, i.e. tight, low-rise jeans and a shirt that revealed her midriff*. Okay, sure, I saw lots of girls dressed like that; it is the proper modern fashion, after all.

But this girl squatted down to look more closely at a TV or something. Her left hand went, almost automatically, to a spot right where the Good Lord split her. Apparently she didn't want anyone confusing her with a plumber or appliance repairman.

A word of warning to all you females out there: if you decide to wear the crap that passes as fashion these days, you risk showing your other cleavage to the world.

I can't wait until this style passes. Whatever other fashion problems the 80s had (garish, multi-colored eye make-up, anyone?), the jeans were usually flattering, at least.