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I've noticed that some of my friends, cohorts, and otherwise frequent commenters don't do so much anymore.

It was just about a week ago that I realized that I didn't leave comments so much anymore either. So I stopped to think about why.

I think much of it is that I have grown tired of people eschewing venom in response to a comment of mine, even if it is obvious they didn't completely understand, or even completely read. When you comment on someone else's site, you lose control of everything. Your comment can be edited or deleted (although I have never had that happen to me), you don't always see the responses, the blogger can write new posts "fisking" your comment, other commenters might attack unfairly and the blog proprietor might let you twist in the wind without giving support, or someone who only reads that comment might understand at all what context your other writings might lend to the comment itself.

So if I have something to say, I'm increasingly moved to just say it on my website rather than posting a comment. I'm more likely to read and consider rather than pound out my immediate reaction.

Has anyone else had this development in their blogging? Is it a blogging maturition process?